Q: Is there a diagnostic charge?
A: Sound Technology's Inspection/Estimate fee is $69.00 for all equipment carried into the shop. This fee is applied towards the repair if the estimate is approved.

Q: Is On-Site Service available?
A: Yes In Home or On-Site service is available. The Trip Charge for on site service is $100 and is not applied towards the repair estimate. It is recommended that when possible units are brought into the shop as the estimate fee would then be applied towards the repair.

Q: Do you fix Televisions with Broken screens?
A: The short answer is No. The longer answer is that the yes we could repair these units if the panel can be sourced but in most cases the parts are either not available or cost so much that the repair is unecomical due to how much a replacement unit costs.

Q: Do you buy old units?
A: Sound Technology does not buy units working or for parts?

Q: We want to replace our unit. Can you dispose of our old one?
A: Unfornutaley it costs us money to dispose of old units so we cannot take units for disposal. We adivse contacting the county for instructions on how to properly dispose of your old unit.

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